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Goodies from Christian Louboutin fall 2011 collection

Posted in Christian Louboutin, Fashion on July 27, 2011 by rejectwithpotential


The fabulousness and work of art of Louboutins

Posted in Christian Louboutin on April 17, 2011 by rejectwithpotential

So my currently and forever obsession is with Louboutins, whether its pumps, sandals, platforms, wedges or boots. Christian Louboutin is the shoe god of all shoe designers, his creations are always breathtaking and strikingly beautiful with exclusivity and lets not forget the OMG perfection of the red dominating soles that are essential and definitive for every Christian Louboutin shoe. I’m always impressed with how he manages to illustrate so much beauty and elegance into his creations, which truly are a flawless work of art.

“I wanted to create something that broke rules and made women feel confident and empowered”.

I would definitely say he succeeded.

Always the admirer never a owner. I have sadly never been a proud owner of a pair of Louboutins, that day has yet to come. The shoes are far out of my price range and even though I’m a devoted lover and might be willing to starve myself through a certain period of time to be able to purchase one of these lovelies, I’m not sure I could bring myself to wear them. Not that I wouldn’t be strutting around in front of my bedroom mirror admiring them to no end on daily basis, but I would be too petrified to take them out for a walk in fear of getting them all scratched up. No, when I finally get my first pair they are likely to end up as decorative display or if possible in a frame. Until my budget kicks up a bit and I’ll be able to afford a couple more, I wouldn’t dare wear them.

One thing is certain. Whether Louboutin shoes are affordable or not they are made to be admired and a girl can always dream and drool can’t she?

While I could positively list and post endlessly photos of my favorite shoes. I would much rather share some of the spectacular and pretty wonders of campaigns that have been made for Louboutin out through the years. The ads themselves enthralls the uniqueness and magnificence which the shoes are all about and gives us a taste of mystique and a world full of fairytales.