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Sweet pastels part I

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Favorites from Paris fashion week

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                Spring/Summer   Haute Couture    


It’s a man’s world…or is it?

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It started off very discreetly. Women subtly began borrowing from men’s wardrobes and added their own feminine touches to create an altered look that wasn’t just bold but also exemplified confidence. In the beginning it was little bits and pieces, like accessories. Hats of many different forms and ties that were used with shirts, which bore a masculine design. Soon cropped jackets, vests and blazers were worn by women as well and evolved into pants suits that became a part of a woman’s everyday wardrobe. Now the line between what is male and what is female has been blurred incessantly and is more or less removed. There is nothing stopping us from taking designs made for men and transforming them into our own Individual style.

Fashion is without boundaries and the androgynous lifestyle is something that women have embraced with full force.


I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it – Marilyn Monroe

Singing his infamous song, It's a Man's Man's Man's World.

 Androgyny is not trying to manage the relationship between the opposites;

 It is simply flowing between them – Dr. June Singer

Wearing Dolce & Gabbana & Yves Saint Laurent

 As you know, I’m androgynous. I can wear a jacket that most guys wouldn’t put on.

But you make it in guys’ sizes, and suddenly they’re wearing them.

 I think styles should get back to getting people to wear things that look so good that they don’t care – Steven Tyler

Goodies from Christian Louboutin fall 2011 collection

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The Met Ball 2011

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Likes & Dislikes

This years Costume Institute Gala better known as the Met ball, had a lot of interesting attires. With this being the main event of the year for the fashion industry, it was guarantied to rupture with the most ingenious and fashionable creations not to mention Hollywood’s privileged elite and its imperial designers. Its not lightly said when this is called the Oscars of the East Coast. This years ball was in the honour of the late Alexander McQueen. The theme was savage beauty, which is also the name of the exhibition that portraits his 19-year career in fashion.

Jessica Alba looked absolutely radiant and beautiful as always. The princess somewhat fairy look really suits her and I like the colour of the gown. It really enhances her complexion and makes her skin glow. I’m not really into the fabric of the dress though. This Ralph Lauren dress is beautiful in its simplicity but the Material is for my taste to flimsy and cheap looking.

Fergie wore this stunning, lacy bridal looking Marchesa gown. I love how she chose to wear her hair casually loose and access it with a head crown, is it made out of flowers? I can’t really tell from the picture but it looks lovely. What is less lovely however is that this gown makes her shoulders look extremely broad, I’m not sure if it’s additional padding on the shoulders or the draping of the dress but all together it looks a bit weird.


I find it very difficult to decide whether I like this gown or not. Its not that Taylor doesn’t look beautiful, I love how she looks delicate but yet fierce with dark red lips. The colours of the dress are good, the black and cream makes a nice contrast and I really like the design. What I hate is that the fabric is so torn, I know it’s meant to be like that but I just don’t like it. It gives the dress a worn look and makes it seem unfinished or old in a non vintage cool way.

A very pregnant and gorgeous Kate Hudson wearing Stella McCartney. I think its save to say that this colour was very popular this year.

The very, very lovely Liv Tyler. I have always had an immense weakness for this woman. She is so incredible beautiful, kind, full of talent and has the coolest father in the world. I’m unable not to love her. I think she looks stunning in this Givenchy dress. The clean white and the soft yellow gives the dress a fresh look were the feathers makes it more soft and delicate. The bright yellow clutch is perfect. It totals the entire outfit and makes it flawless. I do wish that she had done something with her hair though. It would have been so pretty on the side worn up with some pins instead of hanging off her shoulders.


This Valentino dress is sweet and very pretty, but please tell me why Dakota Fanning chose to put on this pretty gown but then decided to do nothing at all with her hair or her make-up? It looks like she got out of bed, brushed her hair and put on the dress. She didn’t have to do too much, I’m sure wearing her hair up and putting on some lips gloss would do a lot for her. Here she still looks like a little girl instead of the 17 year old she is and while a natural look suits her well, this clearly doesn’t. It makes her look too plain and very dull.

I instantly loved this dress. I think its so cool and in the most simple way. Of all the Chanel dresses this evening this was the only one I did like.

Another pretty Marchesa dress, I think its impossible for me not to like every single one of them. They are merely too beautifully done not to be loved, even when they are as simple as this one. I’m not too sure about the shoes that Miranda Kerr is wearing though. They seem a bit too sporty for such a lovely and frail dress but then again it makes sure, that the outfit doesn’t get too sweet and girly.

 Ashley Greene was truly dressed to perfection in this Donna Karan creation. Her hair, the matching jewellery and clutch were all flawless. She looked divine.

Overall I don’t care must for this outfit. I will say its alright. The slit down the side of the dress I don’t really like but I think Rihanna wears it pretty well. I’m really loving her hair though. Her long red hair reminds me of the little mermaid and with the gorgeous braid, which I’m totally jealous of, I think it gives her a kind of medieval approach in a very classy way. The green jewellery compliments the ferocious red colour splendidly and together I would say it makes up for her not so interesting choice of dress.


I was so pleasantly surprised, when I saw Madonna wearing this lovely Stella McCartney dress. I can’t get over how elegant and modest she looks. I feel like I’ve been brought back in time when I look at her golden curls and red lipstick. She’s a true reminiscence of a classic Hollywood beauty from the 1920s.

Another beautiful dress by Stella McCartney. The deep blue colour is very alluring and the gold belt gives it a nice touch.

Jennifer Lopez is wearing Gucci and she looks absolutely fabulous. Particularly from this angle. I have seen other pictures of her dress and it comes off slightly less impressive. Especially the flower part, the more you look at it the more bizarre it appears, but from this angle she is gorgeous so hurrah.

The queen, judge and ruler of fashion. The infamous chief editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour was wearing Chanel couture and looked…awful. Cringes. Okay maybe not awful but that was my was first thought. I know you’re not supposed to correct this woman regarding fashion or anything else, but you have to wonder considering all the offers she has and the endless list of designers that would kill to serve her, is this the best she can do?

I’m so not feeling this Chanel, bohemian looking country dress for several irrefutably reasons. It has far to many things going on in one pattern. The flowers, the pearls, the palettes that glitters. Its simply dreadful and the shoes are horrifying.

 Wow, I don’t even know where to look when I see this Valentino dress. It has so many different things, in one single dress. The oversized lace, the frilly part around her mid arms, the large bow and the turtleneck. Its save to say this is a little over the top, but I genially like that Elle Fanning experiences with her style and unlike her sister she put some effort into her hair.

Another Chanel dress that I don’t like. I feel terrible with all the Chanel bashing, but this sari inspired dress is not attractive at all. It’s mainly the transparent fabric with the silver print that ruins it, but it doesn’t help that the dress gives, Blake a very square waist. Its such a shame because I adored the blue Marchesa dress she wore last year.

Can anyone say gipsy? Mary-Kate looks like a fortune teller in this vintage, Givenchy attire. Is the green hand and neckband really a part of the dress or a merely creative attempt for jewellery? I can’t tell, but it doesn’t accomplish anything good for her.

Christina Ricci wore Zac Posen and my first impression was something like, my god…I think what came after that was the thought that she bore a similar appearance to the corpse bride or something likely Tim Burton related. She certainly looks otherworldly in this tremendously black gown. It’s not that I think she looks bad, I was honestly just a bit shocked. I would however have liked it better without the long sleeves and perhaps not the high neckline either, but I can’t deny that she looks absolutely striking and that the outline of the dress is extraordinary.


Alicia Keys looked pretty, but her leather Givenchy dress looked like it could have featured in Star Wars. In fact its not really the dress that’s bad. It would have been alright if it weren’t for the armadillo enthused Jacket. Okay so its not an armadillo, but it came off some other, poor creatures back for sure.

A simple Dior dress adorned Ashley Olsen. I’m not fond of this dress at all though. I think it is too plain to a point were it reminds me of a great, big, black, bag and the puff sleeves comes out as if it were a last minute detail that were abruptly decided to be added. Save for that I think its good, that Mr. Louboutin makes such a fine accessory.

Beyonce and Jay Z actually made me laugh. The two of them usually make a really handsome couple but here, they both seem so odd, its surprisingly funny. I have no clue what Beyonce was thinking wearing this dress. She looks so unbelievable uptight and uncomfortable, almost like she’s in pain. Here is a woman, who would have a great deal in letting her hair down.


Spring/Summer couture 2011

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 I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves


The black sheep

Okay, sooo I really really don’t like black. Okay I do but not when it comes to dresses and particularly not when it comes to couture. There is just too much beauty in a couture dress and the black colour has the ability to suck it all out, what’s more it gives me the vibration of a funeral or a gothic creation. That’s why I only picked out one black dress out of so many, but what a dress! I simply can not say anything bad about this Elie Saab dress, its so freaking exquisite and perfect in everyway. I do not love black but I LOVE this dress.